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Compliance Testing and Service

Tank Gauge Functionality Testing
  • Automatic tank gauges and electronic line leak detectors can only protect you from leaks if all of the probes, sensors, and alarms are in good working order.
  • Test system annually per BUSTR rules and insure that your site is protected against possible leaks or spills.
  • We can diagnose and repair any problems we discover to insure your systems are working properly.
Testing for Stage I and Stage II Vapor Recovery for Gasoline Dispensing Systems.
  • We perform required annual testing
  • We can decommission your stage II system per BUSTR rules
  • Static leak test – Stage I systems required every three years beginning January 2011 on high volume sites.

We make all required repairs to stage I and stage II systems.  Many times we can complete repairs during a test with an EPA inspector present saving time, cost, and shutdown time.  We can use helium leak location to find leak efficiently.

Precision line testing and simulated leak testing for line leak detection systems
  • A precision line test is required annually on many systems.
  • Our testers all have current certification on the testing equipment we use.
  • Leak detector testing is required annually on all pressurized piping systems.

We can diagnose any test failures and make all required repairs to the system.

Cathodic Protection Testing
  • Cathodic Protection Systems on steel tanks and lines must be tested every three years for proper operation.  This includes STI – P3 tanks, impressed current systems, and sacrificial anodes on piping.
  • Our technicians can perform these tests, diagnose any problems, and make required repairs.
Containment Testing
  • Sumps at tanks and at dispensers for systems installed since 2005, and many systems in designated sensitive areas must be tested every three years.
  • When we perform these tests we and we will filter and recycle the water used for testing so no water disposal is needed.
  • We use cost effective materials to repair leaks in sumps including Weaver boots and PTI paste.
Compliance Inspections
  • Our technicians can inspect your site, identify any compliance issues, and make required repairs and modifications to help you avoid citations from state inspectors for any non compliance issue.
Overfill Protection Testing
  • We test your mechanical or electronic overfill protection devices to be sure they are in good working order.
  • We can make any repairs needed.
  • This can help you avoid a costly spill resulting from a failure of overfill devices.


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