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Industrial Control Panels

We design and build Industrial Control Panels for petroleum applications.

Applications include:

  • Emergency stop controls
  • Dispenser isolation relays
  • Submersible pump relays
  • Generator day tank controls
  • Boiler day tank controls
  • PLC monitoring system

These panels are designed to meet the standards of NEC 409 “Industrial Control Panels”.

Each panel features:

    • Wiring Diagram
    • Terminal connection list
    • All wiring labeled at both ends for easy tracing
    • Generous spacing in wire ways for easy termination of connecting wires

For gasoline dispensing facilities our panels include emergency stop controls and isolation relay controls. They can be expanded to include submersible relays, and site lighting controls.

For Emergency generators our panels include: pump controls for day tank fill and backup controls for assured fill and shutoff control. For multiple supply tank systems they include tank selection controls and return line controls. We can supply outputs to building control systems.

We can provide alarm outputs from our panel to building control systems or security systems.

Each panel is custom designed to fit the precise application needs.

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